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Accessing the Internet & Social Networking sites is one of the fastest growing mobile activities. The prices of entry level SmartPhones becoming affordable has enabled Social Media usage via a mobile device to be a common every day

The implications of Mobile Marketing on Social Media for business owners is huge. Those companies that offer local services on a local market is even bigger. Here are some key points that a business owner should be aware of & perhaps take advantage.


Geo-Targeting  is the technology of targeting which audience see what by their location. This is a huge one, especially for the guys at Facebook, who seem to be obsessed in knowing where their users are located. Location Based Marketing is a cost effective way to spend your advertising & marketing dollars.

Why not target a potential customer that is located within your vicinity.  Would they be more like to swing past your store front if a  “Deal” or ” Coupon” was presented to them in an ad? While we barely even touched on Geo targeting, once that user is in the vicinity add a little viral kick to your efforts. A fundemental strategy with Facebook Business Pages is rewarding a customer for a “check in”. 


Besides the fact that mobile users are out & about searching for services but its another avenue of exposure. Not only are they going to see your marketing on their desktop computer but also on their mobile device. In example, in the past, a user may log in to their facebook after work, where in now they are loggin in on their lunch break. Speaking of food, if your a restaurant ,you launch an ad for a coupon for lunch hour , a potential client check their Facebook during their lunch hour and sees your Geo-targeted ad, you have a potential client.

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The web design of your site is important here folks. Now days, webpage should be configured to have a mobile version as well. In other words, your site will be “mobile friendly” & easy to access & navigate from a mobile device. Mobile versions of web pages are designed to load faster, links will be large smart phone style buttons . Highlighted sections such as ; Contact Info, coupons and/or services should be prioritized.

In conclusion, the data & the facts are there. People search for services on their phone while they are out & about. Its an important technology that your business should be optimized on.  The result of this will be driving traffic to your site, with the goal to drive revenue to your store front.

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