Facebook Marketing Using Custom Lists & Your Personal Facebook Audience

If your a small business owner or start up company and use Facebook on your leisure time, you can easily use market your company in an effective viral manner. The same holds true with the custom friends list feature that Facebook had unveiled, early September. By organizing and properly implementing this feature can Social market your business in a passive manner. The article is not encouraging to post blast your Facebook friends. If you believe that your company offers good products and/or services then your friends and family should know of its products/services that it offers.  This article will discuss how a business owner can promote their company via their personal Facebook account ,easily during their leisure online time and it only takes a few minutes a day.   

Facebook Friends List Background::
As Facebook continues to improve its user interface, features and layout. There is one feature that cannot go unnoticed by a Social Marketer. It is the ability to customize a friends list. Actually, Facebook’s Friends list is one over looked feature and has been so since it initial debut back in 2007 in which only %5 of user actually implemented its use according to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The revamp is designed to make Friend Lists easier to manage and more popular.

The new list now enables users to create their own custom lists in which they group their friends accordingly.These list can be used to specify your post spread and also by selectively grouping news feeds. According to a Facebook Blog post users voiced that list were too time consuming to organize so Facebook added “ Smart List “ for Work, School, Family and City.

The Strategy ::
A strategy that will be mentioned is that business owner should periodically post promotions of their company on their own wall. To target specific  groups  they could customize their list by their friends demographics, age, gender, industry, interest, etc. By doing this you are targeting your audiences specifically with categories. Organizing who will be seeing your promotional posts. Thinking like a marketer, your friends should be looked at as audiences.  Your promotions will be less effective if continually make wall post to “Public”. This article is not encouraging to monetize your friends and spam them. One can imagine that your profile feed would quickly be unsubscribed .Your simply promoting the products and services you offer because you believe that it will do them good to use them!

When I promote my own business or a friends business on my personal Facebook I try to have a healthy balance or a healthy ratio of promotions versus personal “happenings”. Actually this is what Social Media is all about, not “spamming” your followers! As I promote my service offering Search Engine Optimization to specifically to Real Estate Investors I compose a wall post that points to my Facebook page or website and I selectively post only to the “ Real Estate Investor” category. Another example is, lets say you run a Film production company and you want to market your wedding video packages. Their is no need to saturate everyone with this promotion, you target only the engaged friends. Whatever industry your in, you probably have target audiences for your products and services. Take this baseline target and add your audience into a category on your friends list. There is nothing wrong posting publicly because obviously this increases your reach but by using your organized lists you can be more specific and thus less intrusive to others that would have no need for the product or service.

Facebook Marketing

As a baseline philosophy, Social Media is beautiful in the sense that you can engage with you audience. A company can listen to what their customers, friends and peers are saying about the product and learn from it. While Facebook Business pages do not allow the adding of friends ,a business owner should be aware of the viral power of their personal audiences and the strategies of utilizing their own personal account.

Social Media Marketing ::
Many intelligent and efficient businesses are hiring Social Media Managers to manage their company’s Social Media accounts and Social Marketing campaigns. A good Social Media Marketing company should be teaching their clients in ways to engage and reach out to their customer base as well. Social Media Marketing allows a company to monitor and analyze marketing strategies and their results. SMM is unique for it enables a company to listen to what their audience is saying , learn from it and engage them further. When done correctly SMM will drive  traffic thus increasing Return on Investment (ROI).Many small businesses owners are starting to catch on to the power of Social Media Marketing.


Ronnie KirchnerFacebook Marketing Using Custom Lists & Your Personal Facebook Audience

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