Athens Greece Burns As Lawmakers Approves Bailout

Protest turned violent  in Athens, Greece Sunday, when news spread of the governments decision, to sign on yet another bailout. There was an estimated 4000-5000 protesters on the occasion of of this bailout package, priced at 130 billion euros. A package designed to keep Greece afloat as the reality of bankruptcy looms in the background. Athens Burns

When lawmakers voted on a package, priced at 130 billion euros protesters took to the streets. Later hoards of  masked Anarchist began setting blazes to cafes, shops and banks early Sunday night.  The violent protests continued outside the Greek parliament  as Greek riot police struggled to keep any sort of order in the ancient city. Fighting along side the police was the Greek Fire Department who worked to extinguish the flames burning near the area of Panipistimio.

The rebellion  actually foreshadows  the  implementation of cuts , which include a 22 percent reduction in the minimum wage in the job sector, this package will condemn the Greek economy to a downward spiral.

One Greek citizen living in a Northern suburb commented ” It as our government want us to go bankrupt. How much deeper do we need to go to realize we are too far? Our taxes have been raised way above our wages and our pensions cut, we are taxed now just to breath.”.

Its unclear what the Greek politicians have in mind by signing another bailout of this magnitude. As the Greek fire fighters work to extinguish the flames lit by its angered people the world economies will have to watch and wait as the smoke settles to see the effects of this monstrous decision.

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Ronnie KirchnerAthens Greece Burns As Lawmakers Approves Bailout

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