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Pinterest, an interesting concept for a Social Network isn’t it? Actually its genius of a concept, at least while its buzz is peaking. This social networking platform is clever for a reason. As we all know, humans are visual beings. Our eyes serve as a major input in how we process the world around us. And not only, we are drawn to aesthetic imagery. We may all share different opinions, in what we believe is aesthetic but the fact remains, we like to look at pleasing imagery, its emotional. Sometimes, its so moving, well try to share it in the form of a story. We want to share it to someone that would have a interest in seeing it or vice versa. Humans have done this for a long time haven’t we?. First came scratches on a cave wall, then paintings, film and most recently smart phones. Smart phones have revolutionized that way that we capture moments in time. Most people carry their phones everywhere which allows us to capture moments to be shared and remembered. Combining that will social media we start to see a lot of things we would have not seen otherwise. With the massive amount of photo sharing platforms available on the Internet, why create another? Well Pinterest is different.Pinterest is a vision board-styled social photo sharing website. Pinterest began in early 2010 as an invite-only social sharing site. Fast forward to today, it has already surpassed 11.7 unique visitors. Anand Patel writes “ This makes Pinterest the fastest site to reach 10 million unique visitors”. That means Pinterest may soon have more users then Twitter.
A Quick Pinterest Run Down:

What Pintrest did was build a social network on the concept of collecting and organizing pictures found on the Internet and worth being looked at again. These pictures are then attached to your personal profile and in essence put out on display. It’s a good chance that your collections of “Pins” will in some way reflect you taste. Pinners of similar tastes will network together on this social web built on pictures.

Its not rocket science, in fact, Pinterest is practicing one of the oldest adages of sales and marketing, which ties into what was said about humans.We congregate in groups, we are visual beings and images can invoke an emotional response. We share what what moves us, we share what we have seen. Pinterest makes this really easy. Where are you placing your Pins?

Share your thoughts! Why do you think that Pinterest has gained so much popularity? Do you think that it is just another buzz or do you think that it has the potential to set up camp for a while?


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