Facebook’s Business Pages: A High Octane Advertising Platform

I had the opportunity to listen in to Buddy Media’s Thursdays Webinar on the topic, lead by CEO Michael Lazerow in where I will be sourcing some of information from.

We have all heard by now Facebook’s announcement on Wednesday, February 29th about Business pages changing over to timeline. The everyday business owner that works their own Social Media Management of their page probably slept just fine that night but Social Media Marketers all over the United States were kept busy. Busy searching for solid answers on Facebooks new revelation. What about tabs, welcome pages, Apps, and Fan-gating were the initial questions? As the sun broke into Thursday morning. We all learned that Facebooks move is much more then an aesthetic change, its depth is more then we know.

Besides Adding Timeline and Better Metrics,What Did Facebook Change?

In essence they  launched a brand new platform that is built for advertising or what I like to call it a “High Octane Advertising Platform“. The platform is centered around two concepts that will increase Brand awareness.  The first concept  is “free” and while the second is not.

The first concept is producing quality and viral content, engaging and staying consistent with keeping your feed churning out engaging content. This is a no brainer, create valuable content that your fans like, it goes viral, you keep your audience tuned and your reach is extended. This trend in Content Marketing is just the beginning.

The second concept is a large budget or better stated you will pay and will have different options to choose from. Its not clear how much it will cost but what is clear is that it will be a big brand thing and small companies may not be able to afford this form of  high octane paid advertising.

What will a business be paying for?

Facebooks Social Engines Premium Ads and Sponsored Stories. One social engine is called the Reach Generator which will guarantee that %75 of your fans will be reached with a piece of content that you post. Facebook also said that Premium Ads and Sponsored Stories will be feautured on the mobile news feed as well as the Facebook log-out page.  This is huge as the Digital Marketing trend is maturing in the area of Mobile Marketing.

Combine the use of the paid advertising, with quality and viral content and your company is going to accelerate its reach and amplitude on Facebook. Facebook will be very in tune in how often you post and how often you engage. If your updating your feed often and really engaging with your audience then your reach will be increased substantially.

Other well known features  that will be available such as the profile banner, better user tracking, post control and private messaging to fans. In the webinar Michael Lazerow cleared some  things up and answered alot of questions. Some including that , Like-Gating will still be possible and Tabs will be gone. Pricing is unknown but wont be cheap.


In conclusion, this move really will push Social Media Marketers to produce quality content and engage your audience with a story. The new Facebook Business pages will define, for lack of a better phrase, “ The Men From the Boys”. Douglas Haines of Modern Rise Media in Las Vegas said “This change will separate the Social Media Marketers who really know how to do Social from people that are just throwing money at it expecting it to convert. The emphasis on engagment is good for SMM’s that are well seasoned. However, Facebook’s change does not affect true Social Media at all.  Social Media is still Social”. Also Facebook’s revamp can only be attributed to backing its recent IPO move. This will drive massive revenue to Facebook and really is a no brainer to monetize Facebook Business pages. So many businesses and Social Media Marketing companies are making money off of Facebook and they want a larger cut of it.

Ronnie KirchnerFacebook’s Business Pages: A High Octane Advertising Platform

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