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How to Remove Details Pages From PHPLD

I had a friend that I had networked with via Google+ . He had recently bought the famed Web Directory platform called PHP Link Directory or PHPLD for short. He e-mailed me to inquire how to remove a specific function from his listing pages. I am not an expert in the area of PHP. Nor did I know much about PHPLD. I do however have a decent grasp on navigating PHP and code in general and modifying it. So I thought I would lend a hand and learn a thing or two

It makes sense in why he wanted to remove the details pages that were linked to every submitted link listed in his web directory. If your not trying to build a flashy full feature link directory then there is no sense in giving away your precious crawler time, allowing the cralwer bot to crawl and possibly index pages such as this. Web direcotries can become fairly large if you get the right traffic. Not to mention if you had interest to mimic the world largest and most complete web directory , they present a minimal and clean cut, to the point  design.

My Search Engine Optimization rant shall conclude,moving forward.

Whatever you do, the rule of thumb should be to back up the data that you will be modifying. Actually I always have 2  backups on hand. The original file and then the manual backup. In this case, as I was working from the admin page of a friends web directory and manually created a back up.

  1. In your admin page point your browser to > System
  2. > Template Manager
  3. Point to the current template you are using
  4. You should find > link.tpl
  5. (Be sure to back up link.tpl)
  6. Find this section of code and remove the red highlighted section (in Notepad++ it was lines 22 -35 may vary i assume)

{$link.DESCRIPTION|trim} -&nbsp;[<a href="{if !$smarty.const.ENABLE_REWRITE}
{$smarty.const.DOC_ROOT}/detail/link-{$link.ID}.html{/if}" title="{l}Read more about{/l}: {$link.TITLE|escape|trim}">{l}Read&nbsp;more{/l}</a>
{if ($smarty.const.REQUIRE_REGISTERED_USER == 1 || $smarty.const.REQUIRE_REGISTERED_USER_ARTICLE == 1) and !empty ($regular_user_details) and ($regular_user_details.ID == $link.OWNER_ID)}
,&nbsp;<a href="{$smarty.const.DOC_ROOT}/submit.php?linkid={$link.ID}" title="{l}Edit or Remove your link{/l}">{l}Review{/l}</a>

As you can see I left intact:


Now I assume he will be asking me how to remove the detail pages from the sitemap.xml !


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