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The wait is over! announced that their Infographic Creation Tools are now available for use. During this infographicwait period they did offer an fairly basic Twitter user comparison Infographic or as they called it “The Twitter Showdown”.  However, this did not quench my thirst in creating an Infographic. Infographics are great pieces of content when done right and when containing interesting content.  In a previous article we talked about Facebook’s new Business Pages and the   forward trend Content Marketing on Facebook. Content creation and marketing is powerful especially if you do not have a large budget of advertising dollars. Google places emphasis on quality Content, people love it & share it and Facebooks EdgeRank Algorithm senses this virality and this content works for you!  If you are like me and your Adobe Illustrator skills leave more to be desired, then you should be excited about this too!  The current Infographic generator is limited to your Facebook and Twitter Data.

What Type of Infographs Can You Create?

When I signed up at, I was more intrested in creating custom branded Infographics. While, Infographics displaying my Twitter and Facebook Data is great and have a personal to value to them,  I am more interested in creating content that is valuable to others. I was under the impression that it would be a plug and play, click and drag format. Though currently, is only offering Twitter and Facebook Infographics that pull data from your Social Media accounts and also Infographics displaying Hashtag data.

How It Works

After creating an account, point your browser to Basically you will choose between a couple of pre-design Infographic templates, that once connected to your Social Media Accounts will display your  stats in an Infographic form.

Available Facebook Infographic Templates:

Facebook Insider : Prism

Facebook Insider : Cobalt


  • Numerical stats and data, top photos, top friends, birthdays, social events

Dr. Visually’s Automagical Facebook Monsterizer : Basic


  • Numerical Stats and data.

Coming Soon Facebook Infographic Templates:

Facebook Real Time Insights


Available User Twitter Infographic Templates:

Twitter Showdown : SXSW

Twitter Showdown: Knockout

Twitter Showdown: Glow


  • Comparison Stats, Personal Stats

Available Hashtag Twitter Infographic Templates:

Life of a Hashtag: Broadsheet

Life of a Hashtag: Dossier

Life of a Hashtag: Report


  • Stats of a chosen Hashtag

So in closing we see that has made some big steps in the world of Infographics. The availability of this Infographic generator will not only give people a fun way to visualize their Facebook or Twitter stats but also raise more interest in creating this style of visual content. Though, people that lack the skills of Adobe Illustrator will still be left waiting for a release or offering a custom Infographic generator.

Share your thoughts, I would love to hear them! Would you prefer to read an Infographic over reading a traditional blog article? Would you be interested in a browser based drag and drop format Infographic Generator?

Ronnie Opens Infographic Creation Tools

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