China Ranks As The Largest Internet Population [INFOGRAPHIC]

China has showed its dominance as a leading civilization throughout history. China was always well known for raising the bar when it came to science, arts & its intuitiveness. Many common elements that we use today were invented by the Chinese. Elements such as;  paper, gunpowder, fireworks, credit banking &paper money originated in China. Did you know that China can be credited for the discovery of pasta?  To date, China has the worlds largest population & it should be noted that its economy is developing at extremely rapid rate.

The first Chinese Internet connection that was established to the mainland  of China was  on September 20, 1987. The connections were established between  Beijing & Germany. Since this significant event, China’s Internet continues to grow & flourish.  Just as the U.S Mobile device usage has sky rocketed, so has China.  It is reporeted that China & its Internet users, spend an equal amount of time online as the U.S.  Another interesting fact is that 38% of the Chinese access the Internet via a mobile phone.  Learn Mandarain because there is alot of money to be made online in China & especially in Mobile Marketing .

The Data &  Statistics company, Statista, compiled a plethora of valuable data talking about the recent Chinese Internet growth. Below you will find an excellent Infographic giving us a visual.

Chinese Internet Population Growth

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Ronnie KirchnerChina Ranks As The Largest Internet Population [INFOGRAPHIC]

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