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Free Custom Branded Facebook Page With Website

Free Custom Facebook Business PagesFor a limited  time,  H2oSocial  is offering to throw in the option to create ,setup or improve upon your Facebook Business Page, absolutely Free when you choose H2oSocial to build your Website.There are not strings attached. A huge value proposition & we are not aware of any companies in the industry offering this.  Contact us for more details.

Since March 30th, Facebook completely redesigned it’s Business Pages. Pretty much Facebook Pages recieved a face-lift & have the same “Timeline” format found on Facebook Profiles. Its a huge opportunity for companies to either establish their online branding or further it. It does not matter how big or small your company is. Every company needs to be on Facebook weather your updating your page or not. Updating your page with quality content, news & promotions is a huge way to drive traffic to your website with the goal of bringing customers to your store front & driving revenue.  Industry experts argue that Facebook Business Pages are beginning to hold equal if not more weight then your company website. Although, your company Webpage should still remain as the foundation of your Digital Assets as consumers typical use Search Engines to find products & services. The redesign of Facebook Business Pages was an improvement from the previous format. Some of the many options you can take advantage of includes;


Cover Photo

Companies now can take advantage of the “Cover Photo” which allows you to display a large photo in the top section of you site. The photo should be branded & catchy. Facebook did give some guidelines for this photo, that business owners should remain aware.  This Cover Photo is an excellent opportunity to establish your brand, throw in a catch phrase or motto. And that’s not all!

Custom Tabs

Facebook Business pages still have the tab functionality which formats as a webpage. Tabs can contain photos & these photos should be aesthetic & catchy. The tabs serve as a navigation & portfolio of your works & services.  Anything from a map, photos, video, coupons & various Facebook Apps can be linked to these tabs.

Fan Gating

What in the world is fan gating? Fan Gating is a term that refers to the practice of “Locking” a specific page from a “Non-Fan”. In other words a Facebook user that has not already “Liked” your page would not be able to view it. There are various strategies that H2oSocial uses when implementing Fan Gating. But a typical Fan gate would be placed on a coupon page. The only way that a Facebook user would be able to view & retrieve the coupon would be by Liking the page. Likes serve as subscribtions, the value of subscribtions is that your updates appear in that users news feed giving them the opportunity to like the content. That like will show up in that users friends news feed & increases your exposure.

A nalytics Insights & Tracking

Facebook previously offered Insights of their fans behaviors, reach and so forth so companies could measure what got their fans to engage & what didn’t. Well Facebook improved upon its insights & not only various Apps are available now to further your monitoring & tracking of the behavior of users on your page.  Any type of  Analytics installed on your Digital Assets is a must now days as you have to stay tuned & measure what is working & what is not. That beats traditional marketing any day! When was the last time a customer called your company & let you know that they threw your mail advertising in the trash or heard you on the  radio?

And More! Connect With Us!

The goes on in what capabilities a company has with the new custom Facebook Pages. The list goes even further. why your company should be on Facebook & be active on it. Establish your company brand the right way online, nothing beats first impressions.  Offer your customers a website & Facebook Page that properly reflects your business. It is the world that we live in & there is no escaping it!

So remember you get a FREE customized Facebook Business Page when you have H2oSocial build your website. The value proposition there is huge folks but we strive to uphold our company mission of giving huge value for your money.

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Ronnie KirchnerFree Custom Branded Facebook Page With Website

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