Transfer Data From Android Phone Using Web Server

This article consist of another Ways To Transfer Data From Your Android Phone to  your computer using an Android App.

What Happened?

The USB on my Android phone recently stopped working. So when I plug in my phone via a USB cable it does not send the proper “signal” to my work station to serve as a separate hard-drive. After toying with different work stations & drivers I decided to find a faster solution.

What Solution I Found

I found this neat little app called kWS – Android Web Serverwhich serves as a nice solution to transferring data to my computer.  kWS is a lightweight and fast Web Server made for android mobile devices. It can even be used to host a webpage or  serve files over HTTP.  kWS Anroid Web Server uses HTTP-1.0.kws-android-web-server

How It Works

Its quite simple, all you have to do is run the web server & the rest is history. By default the app serves data via port 8080 but this can be changed in the settings.

I was successful in connecting to my Android over a 3G connection but found that performing data transfers over WIFI was not only faster (obviously) but no hassle as the app will automatically display what IP your web server is residing on the network.

In Conclusion

Not only can you serve files from your smart phone but its neat to play around with the app & provides another good example at the power of android! If you connect over your WIFI network be sure to make sure you have port forwarding set up, on whatever port that you are choosing to serve files from on the web server application.


You can find the application either via the link or by searching kWS Web Server.

Ronnie KirchnerTransfer Data From Android Phone Using Web Server

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