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WordPress 3.4 Green Update With Theme Customizer

Yet another WordPress  Update Released – Version 3.4 With Theme Customizer

If you are like me, a webmaster or use WordPress as a CMS then you love updates! After one of my sites that I had agreed to preform some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) on subcumb to a large number of attacks. Attacks such as SEO Poisoning & other hackings, I learned to not only work with the webmaster to harden security but also to stay on top of updates! Most problems stemmed from the all beloved timthumb.php but also from outdated version of WordPress. Quite frankly this is the world that we live in , especially when you work with an Open Source Content Management Systems .

Enjoy this nice little video put up by WordPress…

This update was dubbed WordPress 3.4 “Green” from the guitarist Grant Green and offers a wider variety of updates to users as well as to developers as well!

Updates That Admins Will Notice:

WordPress reported that the biggest change in version 3.4 is the theme customizer. What is the theme customizer? Well enables admins to configure various appearances and settings for the current theme without having to publish it to the public.  It is actually pretty cool & recommend you try it out! WordPress reported that the new theme customizer works with all existing themes. Themes are able to extend the customizer to add additional options. All of this geared to improve the user experience. And it gets even better, they have more plans under their hat for this Theme Customizer down the road!  Other changes included in this update includes Twitter permalinks, HTML image caption improvements including Facebook integration of “Likes”  as well!

Updates That Developers Will Notice:

WordPress reported that there  are “hundreds of under-the-hood improvements” in this version. The most predominate update was credited to the XML-RPC, themes, and custom header APIs. As well as  performance improvements in WP_Query.

In Conclusion:

If you have not updated your WordPress Version yet then be sure to do so either via the admin panel or via their website! Take a peek at the new features & of course the new theme customizer!


Ronnie KirchnerWordPress 3.4 Green Update With Theme Customizer

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