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[heading_2 type=”divider”]What We Think About Company Websites[/heading_2] It’s quite difficult overstate the importance of having a strong and up-to-date Website. Many times your website, serves as the foundation of your online presence. Not only does it serve as your brands online foundation. It will many times serves as the primary bridge to the a world of your customers. Its a real-time gateway for positioning, sales, marketing, communication and feedback.  Is your website representing you appropriately?

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Web Design Theory

Clean, Attractive, Natural Visual Layouts with a Sleek Design. Strategic elements and modern graphics will set your website apart from your competitors!

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User Experience

Functional, Easy-to-Use and Navigate. Photo and Video based. Well put ease and pleasure in browsing your site and build it in a fashion that the pages load fast!

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Color Theory

Pleasant Color Combinations and Palletes is a core aspect of Web Design. Colors can drive emotional and when used appropiately can keep your visitors on your website longer.

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Mobile Friendly

More & more people access the interenet with their smartphones and tablets. We build your website to be “Responsive”. A Responsive website means that it displays its contents appropriately on your visitors screen! No matter if the screen is a 32inch desktop monitor or a tiny smart phone!

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Easy to Update CMS

We build on WordPress, which is the system that enables you to update your website easily.No coding! We do all of that! With its ease of use, there is no surprise it is the most widely used website platform. Boasting a user base of over 55 million websites and growing!

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Search Engines & SEO

We build all of our sites architecture to be Search Engine friendly. We believe that building a website that is not Search Engine friendly is like building a house with no foundation. Unlesh your websites Search Marketing potential. Ask about our additional SEO packages!

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Social Media Ready

Making your website sharable and connected to one of your Social Media Channels, such as Facebook is called Web 2.0. A Web 2.0 website just equals another passive marketing avenue and is the future of online presence.

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Quick Turn-Around

No matter what scale of project we will work hard to get your website up in running as quick as possible. We focus on minimizing downtime as much as possible for sake of your clients and also so Search Engines Optimization reasons!

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Education & Guidiance

We build in a consultation session in every one of our packages. We will teach you how to update your website or post a blog update! In the end you will be saveing money in the long run and have a sense of ownership!

[/one_third_last] [heading_2 type=”divider”]Why Are We Different[/heading_2] Not only do we build cutting edge, Web 2.0 websites, we put a huge amount of value into your online presence. In essence we build a digital asset.  First, well build your webpage on the world renowned Content Management System called WordPress.  WordPress is cost effective, low maintenance, Search Engine Friendly & has the potential to be maintained by you or your staff.  We take a huge amount of pride in each and every project we commit to. Incorporating our experience in Web Design theory. We put an extensive amount research into your current branding colors and styles and transfer is aesthetically onto the web. Did we mention that we also have a passion for Search Engine Optimization. What this means for you is we build your website from the ground up Search Engine friendly. Well optimize your website so when that first crawler begins to index your site  it will begin the organic process ranking well on search engines. We install a variety of vital plugins, analytics, tracking & social plugins so we can learn the beahavoir of your customers on your web site. We wont stop tweaking your webpage until we get it right & exactly how you want it to look.


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